Terms and Conditions

This Document regulates the legal relationship between the Site Administration located at https://payandgocode.com and its users.

General Conditions 

1.1. This document is published on https://payandgocode.com.

1.2. The use of this Site is possible only under the terms of this Document. Users agree to stop using this Site if they do not agree with any of the terms of this Document and the other documents regulating the work of this Site.

2. Rights and Duties 

2.1. Users can:

2.1.1. Use this Site for personal use in any way, according to the law and this Document. Users are forbidden to use this Site for commercial gain.

2.1.2. Leave comments and messages on this Site.

2.1.3. Provide their email, name, phone number on this Site, while agreeing to receive free services from the Site Administration that involves receiving letters from the Site Administration with various information, including promotions.

2.1.4. Send questions to the Site Administration to the email. The Site Administration reserves the right not to answer Users’ questions.

2.2. Users shall:

2.2.1. Use this Site in a manner that does not violate the law and this Document.

2.2.2. Respect the rights and freedoms of third parties.

2.2.3. Respect the copyrights of the Site Administration and the third parties whose works are posted on this Site.

2.3. Users agree that the materials on this Site may be accompanied by advertising.

2.4. According to the legislation users are responsible for their actions and inactions while using this Site.

2.5. The Site Administration can:

2.5.1. Modify the terms of this Document.

2.5.2. Moderate content posted by users on this Site, delete any content, comments, and messages without explanation.

2.5.3. Establish any restrictions on the use of this Site at its sole discretion.

2.5.4. Perform preventive maintenance on this Site with temporary suspension of work of this Site without notice to users.

2.5.5. Collect emails of users on this Site via subscription forms.

2.5.6. Mail newsletters regarding this Site, new goods, and services, special offers, advertisements, other useful information from the Site Administration, a seller, or partners of this Site, via a database of email addresses provided by users.

2.5.7. Carry out the sale of goods and render paid services through this Site.

2.6. Receiving mailings from the Site Administration is voluntary. Users may refuse to receive the letters at any time. In this case, the User’s email will be automatically removed from the mailing list. 

2.7. Users are prohibited from taking any actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of this Site.

2.8. The Site Administration does not guarantee that the server on which this Site is located is free from bugs and computer viruses. The Site Administration is not responsible if the use of this Site has resulted in the loss of data or damage to the User’s equipment.

2.9. This Site contains links to other resources. The Site Administration is not responsible for the availability of sites, the information they contain, and any negative consequences associated with visiting and using other sites, which are linked to this Site.

3. Messages and Comments on This Site

3.1. Users can leave messages and comments on this Site with the help of special forms on this Site. Messages and comments may contain any opinions and statements of fact, except for those prohibited by law.

3.2. Comments are published on this Site after approval by the Site Administration.

3.3. Users are responsible for the content and form of information distributed by them in messages and comments. 

3.4. If the message or comment of the user is copyright, the user allows the Site Administration to use it in any way.

3.5. It is forbidden to leave messages and comments on this Site that contain:

3.5.1. Information that does not correspond to reality. 

3.5.2. Information of offensive or indecent nature. 

3.5.3. Information about privacy, personal data of third parties, personal, and family secrets. 

3.5.4. Extremist statements. 

3.5.5. Calls for mass riots, participation in mass events held in violation of the established order. 

3.5.6. Advertising, commercial offers, and links to other sites, except when the placement of such information has been approved by the Site Administration.

3.6. Posts and comments on this Site are prohibited that violate the intellectual property of third parties.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1. The exclusive right to the name of this Site and its content belongs to the Site Administration.

4.2. Rights to this Site and its design elements belong to the Site Administration.

4.3. Commercial use of materials posted on this Site for commercial purposes, reproduction, and distribution by any means.

4.4. To obtain permission to use materials posted on this Site it is necessary to contact the Site Administration by email.

4.5. Reprinting articles posted on this Site is allowed by the Site Administration with a mandatory hyperlink to the source.

5. Registration

5.1. To receive access to its account, users must complete the registration process on this Site as provided herein.

5.2. Users provide the Site Administration their data, namely:

– Emails;

– Surnames, first names.

5.3. When registering, users shall provide their valid email.

5.4. By registering on this Site users agree to:

– Terms and Conditions;

– Privacy Policy.

5.5. For each User registering on the Site a unique account is created.

unique account.

5.6. Registered users log in to their accounts by logging in to this Site.

5.7. If it is impossible to perform authorization, registered users can contact the Site Administration by email.

6. Dispute Resolution and Claims Handling Processes

6.1. The Site Administration makes all efforts to prevent violation of anyone’s rights on this Site.

6.2. If a person believes that the Site Administration has violated his rights, he can apply to the Site Administration by contact form to settle the conflict in the pretrial order.

6.3 Refunds for the purchased digital products are possible. For information, see Refund Policy here.

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