Privacy Policy

1. General Conditions 

1.1. This Policy of personal data processing is made according to the requirements of the law and defines the order of data processing and measures to ensure the security of personal data.

1.2. The most essential goal and condition of its activities are to respect the rights and freedoms of individuals and citizens in data processing, including the protection of the rights to privacy, personal, and family secrets.

1.3. This Document applies to all information this Site may receive about users.

2. Subject of This Document 

2.1. The Privacy Policy states the obligations of the Site Administration on nondisclosure and ensuring the protection of confidentiality of the personal data which users provide at the request of the Site Administration when registering on this Site or placing an order for the purchase of the goods.

2.2. Personal data, allowed for processing under this Privacy Policy, is provided by users by filling in the registration form on this Site, and includes the following information:

2.2.1. Last name and first name.

2.2.2. Contact phone number.

2.2.3. Email.

2.2.4. Address of goods delivery.

2.2.5. The user’s place of residence.

2.3. This Site protects the data that is automatically transmitted in the process of viewing ad units and when visiting pages on which the system’s statistical script is installed:

  • IP address;
  • Information from Cookies;
  • Information about the browser (or other programs that accesses the advertising display);
  • Access time;
  • Address of the page where the ad block is located;
  • Address of the previous page.

2.3.1. Disabling Cookies may prevent access to the parts of this Site requiring authorization.

2.3.2. This Site collects statistics about the IP addresses of its visitors. This information is used to detect and resolve technical problems and control the legality of financial payments.

2.4. Any other personal information not mentioned above (purchase history, browsers, and operating systems used, etc.) is stored securely and not disclosed.

3. Purposes of Data Processing 

3.1. The main purposes of data processing are: 

3.1.1. Informing users by sending emails.

3.1.2. Conclusion, execution, and termination of civil law contracts.

3.1.3. Providing users with access to services, information, and materials on this Site.

3.2. The Site Administration has the right to send users notifications of new goods and services, special offers, and various events. Users can always refuse to receive informative messages, by sending a letter to the email of this Site.

3.3. The anonymized user data, collected via Internet statistic services, is used for gathering information on the users’ activity on this Site, improving the quality of this Site and its contents.

4. Legal Basis for Data Processing 

4.1. The Site Administration processes users’ personal data only if they fill in and submit them themselves via special forms, located on this Site. By filling out the relevant forms and sending their personal data to the Site Administration, the users express their agreement to this Document.

4.2. The Site Administration shall process anonymized user data if it is allowed in the browser settings.

5. Procedure of Collecting, Storing, Transferring, and other Data Processing 

5.1. The safety of personal data, processed by the Site Administration, is ensured through the implementation of legal, organizational, and technical measures, required for full compliance with the requirements of the current legislation in the sphere of personal data protection.

5.2. The Site Administration shall ensure the safety of personal data and take all possible measures, excluding access to personal data by unauthorized persons.

5.3. Personal data of users will never, under any conditions, be transferred to third parties, except for cases related to the execution of the current legislation.

5.4. In case of detection of inaccuracies in personal data, users can update them on their own, by sending a notice to the Site Administration by email.

5.5. The period of personal data processing is unlimited. Users may withdraw their consent to the processing of personal data, by sending a notice to the Site Administration via email.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. Users can receive any explanations on issues concerning their data processing by contacting the Site Administration by email.

6.2. This Document will reflect any changes in personal data processing policy by the Site Administration. This Document is valid indefinitely until it is replaced with a new version.

6.3. The current version of this Document is available on this Site.

6.4. The Site Administration has the right to make any changes and additions to the terms of this Document or withdraw it at any time at its sole discretion.

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